Time Tracking


We use Harvest, a time tracking software, to record your usage to the second. Your assistant will send you weekly utilization reports and alert you when you hit 75% and 90% of your hours. If you ever need more hours or a bigger plan—Just let us know! We can definitely make that happen!




We use LastPass, an established and audited third-party system, to encrypt and store your data. Simply send the necessary usernames and passwords to your assistant and she will store the information and be able to access it whenever you need her to. We ask that you share any credit card information over the phone if you want your assistant to make purchases on your behalf.




We want to easily integrate into your existing processes. Do you use Asana, Basecamp, Trello or Slack? You can definitely assign tasking through any of these systems or setup a shared list with your assistant. Of course, email, phone, and text are great ways to send tasks, too.